1st Call For Care


Leigh and Candra Davis

about us

The founders started their own in-home senior care business more than 2 decades ago after watching

their parents struggle to find and manage the companies, caregivers and resources for their


For over 20 combined years their parents provided care for their Grandmothers.  They suffered 

from Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other illnesses.  Leigh’s mother quit her full-time job to

care for his Grandmother and their parents did the best they could, but they were always in need

of resources and services but were stressed, time-crunched and overwhelmed and had no clue where

to start or how to find and get it all set up and going.

With no one to help them find, connect and coordinate with the resources they 
needed, their

parents’ caregiving journeys were stressful and a  continual strain on family, finances and their


With more than 23 years of helping families coordinate and connect with care, services, programs 
and resources - through their in-home senior care company - the founders began 1st Call For Care.  1st Call For Care is here to help families (like their family) that are stressed and overwhelmed access the resources they need - to actually do the work for them, removing their stress and overwhelm. 

1st Call For Care is here to do the work for you, to get all the resources and services you need set up and going.  Wake up tomorrow and know that we have taken this burden off your shoulders... we're here to make your life easier.